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Australian Made Re Useable 3 Layered Face masks

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 offering customers an amazing range of reusable Face Masks for the whole family, made right here in Australia. Our beautiful reusable and washable face masks are designed and made by our team of 40 dressmakers. Our face masks are top quality, 3 layered, have adjustable ear loops and completely conform to the contours of your face to provide a snug comfortable fit. We follow the DHHS guidelines:
  • 3 layers comprising:
    • water resistant fabric on the outside
    • fabric blends in the middle
    • cotton or cotton blend as the inner lining so that they are water absorbing yet still breathable

Our hand made high quality face masks are soft, fit beautifully, look amazing and completely reusable! Hand crafted right here in Melbourne, our stock is available to be purchased online or in store.

Reusable Cloth Face Mask colour, pattern design and fabric type may vary depending on availability.
Ear loop colour, shape and thickness may vary depending on availability.
The ear loops may need to be adjusted slightly to fit each face size. This is simply done by sliding the ear loop adjusters closer to the ear to make them smaller or by removing the adjusters and stretching the ear loops to make them larger.
Medical disclaimer: This product is non-medical grade and is not a replacement for following appropriate social distancing guidelines and personal hygiene recommendations. Regarding the use of our masks, we make no medical claims.
Due to the personal nature of the product unfortunately returns or exchanges are not accepted.
If you would like a set colour or pattern please email us on after your order and we will try our best.